Who am I?

My name is Martin Cherub, and I love to travel, capture beautiful and unique moments with my camera.

cherub (/ˈɛrəb/; plural cherubim; Hebrew: כְּרוּב‎ kərūv, pl. כְּרוּבִים kərūvîm) is one of the unearthly beings who directly attend to God, according to Abrahamic religions. The numerous depictions of cherubim assign to them many different roles, such as protecting the entrance of the Garden of Eden. (Wikipedia)

Yes, it is my real name, it was given by our family pastor, with the expectation that someday I will be able to be brave like Martin Luther, the reformist (or MLK) and make the differences to the world.

I was born and raised in Indonesia. Attended Pensacola Christian College in Florida to receive the degree in Software Engineering and served as full-time staff at Lakewood Church in Houston. In 2015, I received Master of Business Administration from Sam Houston State University.

Since then, I have been travelling all over the United States to work for several largest companies in telecommunication, healthcare, food, and funeral (lol) industry.

My favorite place to visit is Japan. Although I have been learning Japanese for almost 10 years, I am still not fluent in Japanese. But, I know how to order the food in Japanese 🙂